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VC Quail Ridge Phoenix Rising MH, NA-I, UT-I

Quail Ridge Phoenix Rising
Call NameT-Bird
WhelpedAPRIL 8, 2014
AKC Reg #SR82184801
NAVHDA Reg #GS-015461
PENN HIPL .25 - R n/a
DNA #DNA CO960042
Height23 in"Weight58 lbs
Pedegree for Quail Ridge Phoenix Rising

I got "T-Bird" from Steve Hopko of Quail Ridge Kennels in Connecticut in the summer of 2014.

I was so impressed with the parents, "Tank", VC Quail Ridge Shot In The Dark UT-I and "Annie", Quail Ridge Pistol Annie NA-I, UT-I, both of which we trained here at Grouse Point Kennels, that I had to have a pup from their first breeding. It has turned out to be a great decision. T-Bird is one of the most natural bird dogs I have ever worked with, nothing has come hard for her. Natural in her retrieve, backing, duck search and field search. She has good wheels and really turns it up on the prairies. Perhaps the best duck search dog I've ever worked with. And tons of cooperation. What else could you ask for?

T-Bird was tested for natural ability in august of 2014, at the St Croix NAVHDA summer test at only 18 weeks old. She had a stellar day, tore up the field, tracked like an expert, and scored max of 112 points. That day we knew we had a winner.

In August of 2016 she was tested at the utility level and showed us more of her stuff. She earned a prize I with a score of 201 of 204 possible. She had no faults that day, I messed her up with a bad start on her duck drag and had to restart her. The rest of her day was nearly perfect. She is now qualified for the 2017 NAVHDA Invitational.

T-Bird, along with handler Dan Gannon earned her "VC" title in Ohio at the 2017 NAVHDA Invitational. To date T-Bird has whelped 1 NAVHDA Natural Ability Breeder Award Litter.

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