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INT CH/VC Feldjaeger's Sherman MH, NA-III, UT-I

Feldjaeger's Sherman
Call NameTank
AKC Reg #SR33309308
NAVHDA Reg #GS-008781
DNA #V600818
Height25"Weight72 lbs
Pedegree for Feldjaeger's Sherman

Tank is a son of INT CH/VC Grouse Point's Blitz MH, CGC, NA-II, UT-I and Grouse Point's Marta NA-I. He is a good size dog weighing in at around 72 lbs. And 25 inches tall.

I got Tank from Kathy Strong when he was about 6 months old. He showed me immediately that he had a great deal of style and intensity. That, combined with a high degree of cooperation would make for a solid bird dog. And so his training began. I actually had him listed for sale off and on. During spring 2009 hunt test training we used Tank as a brace-mate for the dogs that we were campaigning. He kept showing us that he had all the stuff to succeed as well. And so I decided that his testing campaign should begin as well. He started off running well in a few of the spring master hunter tests and earned a couple of ribbons toward his Master Hunter title. In august 2009, I ran him in the St. Croix NAVHDA utility test and he again ran well and earned a prize I and qualified for the 2010 NAVHDA Invitational. Several weeks later I had the chance to run another weekend of Master Hunter tests and Tank stepped up to the plate one more time, qualifying both days and earning two more ribbons toward his Master Hunter title. Spring of 2010 Tank finished and earned the last two legs of his AKC Master Hunter title.

Tank has shown me that he has the heart and desire to succeed at whatever task you give him. He has exceeded all my expectations and earned his way into my heart. He is a loving and affectionate hunting companion and is now a part of the Grouse Point breeding program. I plan to run him at the 2010 NAVHDA Invitational and hope for more good things from him. Keep your eyes open for Tank.

9/27/2010. Just back from the 2010 NAVHDA International Invitational. Tank has passed and earned his NAVHDA Versatile Champion title. His water work was solid and his field work was incredible. I had goose bumps leaving the field, it was that good. This makes Tank a fifth generation Versatile Champion.

Tank has turned into some fine dog. Hunted pheasant and quail in Kansas; pheasant, sharptailed grouse, and ducks in South Dakota; pheasant, sharp-tail, hungarian partridge, and ducks in North Dakota; ruffed grouse and woodcock in Minnesota; grouse, woodcock, and ducks in Wisconsin.

To date Tank has sired three NAVHDA Natural Ability Breeder Award litters, with an average score of 109/112, and 1 NAVHDA Versatile Champion.

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