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INT CH Grouse Points Colonel Klink NA-I, UT-I

Grouse Points Colonel Klink
Call NameKlink
WhelpedMARCH 13, 2007
NAVHDA Reg #GS-009646
DNA #DNA V600249
Height24 in"Weight60 lbs
Pedegree for Grouse Points Colonel Klink

Klink and his NAVHDA Natural Ability Breeder Award litter was whelped 03/13/2007. Klink is owned by Todd Hall and his family from Lakeville, Minnesota. Sired by INT CH/VC  Feldjaeger Klaus MH, NA-I, UT-I, bred to Sandhills Gorgeous Gretel NA-I.

I have had the pleasure of training, handling, and hunting with Klink. Todd has allowed me to run Klink thru the NAVHDA testing program, where he has earned prize I, 112 pt in natural ability, prize I, 202 pt in utility and participated in the 2010 Navhda Invitational.

Todd's daughter Taylor handled Klink in the IABCA show ring where they achieved the International Champion title.

Klink is a hard working and cooperative bird dog. He's hunted ruffed grouse and woodcock in Wisconsin and Minnesota; pheasant, hungarians sharp-tails in the Dakota's. He has a good nose and is a great tracker. Solid on point or back. And retrieves like a champ.

Klink will be involved in our breeding program in the future. We are planning a litter to be sired by him in 2012. 

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