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German Shorthaired Pointer - Willow
Grouse Point Kennels was started in 1997, an extension of McMillan's Troutfitters, my steelhead and trout guiding service, with the purchase of Eleven Hills Reno Belle from Loren (Pete) Brenneman of Wellman Iowa. Belle was the last remaining pup from a litter out of Pete's, Autumn's RB Toad and DVM  James Rieser's, VC Shooting Starr's Son Of A Gun MH. By the time she had reached 1 ½ years of age Belle had received training and experience on both game farm and wild birds, and had become a very good bird dog. I had several requests from regular fishing clients, who had seen Belle work birds at a local game farm, to put together some grouse and woodcock hunting trips. They wanted to see how she did on wild ruffs. In the fall of 1998 we put together some combination hunting and fishing packages for some of the people that had been with us in the past, to test the feasibility of doing "cast and blast" in the Brule River State Forest. The response was great and all that participated had some excellent days in the field. Many have been coming back to hunt with us each year since.

German Shorthair Pointer - Belle

With the success of the hunting trips we began to expand our kennels and bring in additional dogs. In June of 1999 we purchased Hansel and Gretel from Mike and Cathy Kindler of Sandhills Kennels in Brownsville, Wisconsin. They both progressed quickly with their training, and when they were a year old we tested them in a NAVHDA natural ability test. Both qualified for a prize and Gretel received a prize I with a maximum score of 112 points.

It is important to us that we are only breeding and hunting with the best dogs possible. We do extensive research on each and every breeding to achieve that end. All of our adult brood dogs have their hips certified. We campaign and test our personal dogs in the NAVHDA and AKC testing programs. With selective breeding and attention to details we try to improve the breed and keep the gene pool healthy. We guarantee the health and disposition of our pups. We also encourage new owners to test and certify their pups in the same testing programs. 

VC Northwaters Puddlejumper MH
VC Quail Ridge Chain Lightning

The availability of pups and started dogs is limited, check our dogs pages for litter announcements and the availability of started dogs. You can always contact us here or by phone at (715) 419-0060.